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PEGASUS has been producing bikes that make you happy for more than 30 years. We listen to our customers, the big and small, old and young, frequent travelers and Sunday tourists, those who like it comfortably and those who just want to get there fast. Also the practical, those who like it pretty, little princesses and wild guys. Together with you, our experts and our almost 1,000 specialist dealers, we develop bicycles that suit you and your requirements. In high quality, at a fair price. Because we are convinced that every cyclist should be safe as well as comfortable.


The bicycle has been our future for over 30 years, and as a means of transportation this is more true than ever. Quality and safety around the wheel are a tradition at PEGASUS. And that's why we not only produce safe bicycles, we also support measures that help prevent accidents in all areas of active and passive safety, support the sensible expansion of the cycling infrastructure in Germany. and have created an instance with the PEGASUS quality council Quality assurance is not limited to the field of production and service. Through proven quality experts we want to continuously improve the PEGASUS brand and improve the image of the bicycle as a driver of alternative mobility in Germany. And thus to contribute to the improvement of society towards a better quality of life.

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Die richtige Rahmengröße ist die Grundlage für Komfort, Leistungsfähigkeit und dauerhaften Fahrspaß

Über unsere Größenempfehlungen finden Sie einen Überblick über die verschiedenen Faktoren und Maße, die Einfluss auf die Rahmengeometrie und am Ende auf die Sitzposition und das gesamte Fahrerlebnis haben. Die Angaben in der Tabelle sind Richtwerte. Je nach Körperbau kann die individuelle Rahmengröße abweichen. 

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